Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm very excited to reveal the latest project I've been secretly working away on! There's no purpose to this at all other than my own personal enjoyment. I present to you, David Bowie:

(Clicking should give you the full size.) Although I'm sure it's been done before, I really wanted to draw all of Bowie's assorted eras, while listening to his music on loop, of course. And it was a lot of fun doing the research. Here is a helpful guide if you're unfamiliar with any of the Bowies above, going from left to right:

1967: Mod Bowie with the self-titled debut that didn't catch on
1969: Space Oddity psychedelic folk Bowie
1970: Man Who Sold The World Bowie with long golden locks and a dress
1972: Ziggy Stardust
1975: Young Americans soul funk Bowie
1976: The Thin White Duke
1977: Bowie in Berlin recovering from all that cocaine
1980: Clown Bowie from the video Ashes to Ashes
1983: Let's Dance pop success Bowie
1986: Jareth the Goblin King
1990: Bowie in his hard rock band Tin Machine
1995: Super crazy Earthling era Bowie
1999: Chill millennium Bowie
2002: Reality era just about to retire Bowie


  1. there is no way to describe the sound i just made other than GLEE...


  2. So squee!!!!! Very nice work :-D You are an awesome person for creating this lovely and Bowieful piece- I salut you!

  3. Thank you for creating this, just thank you :D

  4. That is soooo brilliant. I was googling for something just like this. I'm so glad i found this, I might hang it on my wall. great job :) Love it.

  5. Thank you so much! If you're looking to print it, there's a slightly higher quality file on my Flickr.

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