Sunday, September 5, 2010

More new art than I know what to do with.

This weekend I've been an art-making powerhouse, thanks to right combination of motivation and free time. The motivation comes courtesy of Maker Faire,a two day festival of arts and science that's coming to New York City. My good friends Alison of King Popcorn and Joi of Stereoette, being the talented crafty people they are, have been accepted to the craft portion of the fair. And they've asked me to share their booth! Which is thrilling and intimidating, and it's whipped me into a illustrating fury so I can have brand new prints to sell.

Below is the science-inspired result: a famous robot party, and a new take on the water cycle.

(Thanks to Candace for the elementary school science inspiration.) I've also been working on a perpetual calendar, which (if all goes according to plan) will be bound into a mix-and-match book. Here's a sneak preview of some possible combinations:

Any feedback will be a huge help. Would you spend your hard earned cash on these lovely items? What else would you like to see turned into a print (or tee shirt, or tote bag, etc.)?


  1. I just have to say that the calendar looks amazing. I feel like it would work well in a digital format, like maybe a desktop background that has a script to change every day (is that possible?) or an iGoogle homepage accessory.

  2. I agree with Mike. Also, I think the robot and water cycle prints would make a great children's t-shirt. They could also be witty adult t-shirts if you add text (a la Threadless).

  3. This new stuff is great, especially the calendar. I love the palette and sense of movement. Nice!

  4. omg, omg, omg...

    i *heart* this, and i *heart* you!!! the robots look so much better all bunched together like that, and you know i loved them like they were.